Zaina Mutesi

Zaina Mutesi is our Middle Class Early Childhood Development (ECD) Teacher, an enthusiastic and dedicated addition to the S.O.U.L. Foundation. Eager to utilize the opportunities provided by S.O.U.L. to not only advance her career, but also support her mother and siblings, Zaina brings a heartfelt commitment to her role. Having recently joined the S.O.U.L. Foundation in March 2024, Zaina is the newest member of the ECD team. She is particularly drawn to the organization’s admirable initiative of supporting ECD education for young learners in rural communities. This increases access to early childhood development education for young learners who may otherwise find it out of reach, since such services are often only available in urban communities.

Thrilled by the positive working conditions at S.O.U.L. Foundation, Zaina is excited to contribute to the organization’s mission. Hailing from Bugembe in Jinja City, Uganda, Zaina is proud to be a part of a rural community where she can make a meaningful and lasting impact on young lives.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Zaina is passionate about engaging with children, fostering their development through play and interaction. Zaina is also an avid learner, always eager to discover new things. Additionally, she enjoys the camaraderie and competition of netball, showcasing her skills as a dedicated player. With her positive attitude, passion for education, and love for engaging with children, Zaina embodies the spirit of the S.O.U.L. Foundation, contributing to the organization’s commitment to holistic community development.