Suzanne Mitchell

Suzanne Mitchell is an accomplished director and producer, having created documentary films, television series and cutting-edge content for the web and social media platforms. Her projects have garnered two Emmys, two Gracie Awards, an Omni Intermedia Award, and a Cine Golden Eagle. 

Suzanne has directed and produced an impressive array of films and has collaborated with Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple on a variety of films: New Passages, The Presidential Summit, The Hamptons, Woodstock: Now & Then, Force of Nature, where Suzanne traveled to South Sudan to present the humanitarian work of philanthropist Ellen Ratner, and Hot Type: 150 Years of The Nation, which took Mitchell to the oil-soaked Gulf Coast, the slums of Haiti, the drought-ravaged West, and the highly contested political races of 2012. Suzanne’s feature film Running Wild was hailed by the New York Times as “a grand documentary” and the Village Voice as “Inspiring in the best possible way.” 

Among her myriad of projects, Suzanne also produced and field directed ABC’s The Century, A&E’s The Millennium Biography Special, HBO’s 13-part docu-drama G-String Divas, and Oprah’s Martin Luther King Special and Freedom Riders Special. She also directed and produced S.O.U.L.’s film on maternal health in Uganda and is currently creating a multi-part series on income inequality. 

Suzanne’s skills as a filmmaker have guided her successes in the non-profit sector. Serving as the Board Chair of Rivertown Film, an independent film society, she is also the Director of ROSA 4 Rockland, an environmental advocacy group successfully protecting sensitive land from over-development for which she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and continues to recruit active members.