Siraji Byakika

Siraji Byakika was born on April 20, 2006 and is 18 years old. He is in Senior Four (S.4) at Jinja Progressive Secondary School, Jinja City.

Siraji stays in Namizi East village, Jinja City with both his parents, Siraje Byakika and Nulu Naigaga, who are responsible for his well being. His mother grows subsistence crops for home consumption and his father grows coffee for sale to generate income for the family. 

Siraji has ten (10) siblings – four (4) girls and seven (7) boys. The four (4) older children completed  school while the rest are still in school. Siraji is a humble boy who is interested in advancing technology to improve the world. Alongside his educational pursuits, he enjoys playing soccer and watching movies. At his O Level, Siraji is working hard to excel in Physics, Mathematics and Commerce so he can study Physics, Economics and Mathematics (PEM) at Advanced Level. This will enable him to study Engineering at the University level so he can pursue a career as an  Engineer.