Sharita Nagita

Sharita was born on 14th February, 2006 and is currently 17 years old. She is in Secondary Level Four (S4) and stays in boarding school at Jinja Progressive Academy. 

She was born and raised in Kayunga district in Eastern Uganda but currently lives with her grandmother, her primary caregiver, in Kyabirwa village, close to S.O.U.L. office. Sharita is the eldest of five children and has one sister and three brothers. Her father is a secondary school teacher and also grows crops on their family farm for home consumption and sale. Sharita’s mother works as a domestic help in the United Arab Emirates to earn extra income and help send her children to school. 

 Sharita is a humble girl and has always been focused on her academics. She loves playing football and has a passion for the outdoors . She has an ambition of becoming a technology expert after completion of her studies.