Sharifa Nangobi

Sharifa Nangobi was born on 3rd April, 2010 and is currently 13 years old. She is in Primary Level Four (P4) at Yunusu Nkuutu Junior School.

She lives in Namiyangu, a village in  Bugweri district, with both her parents. She is the third eldest of six children and has five lovely sisters. Sharifa’s father is a small scale farmer and grows crops for home consumption and for sale, while her mother is an informal worker and tries finding employment within the community. Despite their limited household income and surviving on one meal a day, Sharifa’s parents send all their children to school and wish for them to continue studying and then moving on to gainful employment.

Sharifa’s favorite food is matoke, a local form of steamed plantain, along with groundnut sauce. She enjoys playing throwball and her favorite subjects in school are Math and English. Sharifa has often said that she would love to be a math teacher when she grows up!