Shamim Namuddu

Shamim Namuddu is our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Top Class teacher. She is married and a loving mother to three beautiful children. Shamim holds a certificate in early childhood development, reflecting her commitment to nurturing and educating young minds. With a warm and friendly demeanour, Shamim is drawn to the S.O.U.L. family for its welcoming atmosphere. She initially joined the S.O.U.L. Foundation in 2012, serving for two years. In January 2024, driven by her passion for education and community development, Shamim returned to contribute her expertise and enthusiasm to the organization.

As a resident of Kyabirwa Village, located adjacent to the S.O.U.L. offices in Jinja, Uganda, Shamim is deeply connected to the local community. Her commitment to the holistic development of individuals extends beyond her role as an ECD teacher, as she expresses a keen interest in other S.O.U.L. programs, particularly Fashion Merchandising and Design.

In her free time, Shamim finds solace in the world of literature, indulging in novels that capture her imagination. She values meaningful conversations with friends, reflecting her sociable and engaging nature. Shamim brings her passion for education, community, and the arts to the S.O.U.L. Foundation, contributing to the organization’s mission of providing quality opportunities to diverse communities in Uganda