Prosper Emoti

Prosper Emoti was born on June 1, 2015 and is currently 8 years old. He is in Primary Level Two (P2) at Victoria Nile Primary School.

Prosper currently resides with his mother, a primary school teacher, in Ivunamba Village, Jinja City. As Prosper’s sole caregiver, in order to  supplement her wages, she manages a small scale farm from which she  sells produce commercially. Prosper has two (2) siblings, a brother and a sister. As the oldest, his sense of responsibility shines through. He is constantly mindful of the wellbeing of his siblings as well as his classmates. Prosper is also multilingual and he speaks three local languages very fluently. 

At school, he loves to take time and expand his knowledge through reading various books. He also loves math and computer studies. A multi-faceted young man, Prosper aspires to become either a doctor, a television host, or a mechanical engineer, after the completion of his studies.