Olivia Najjuma

Olivia Najjuma was born on 30th December 2013 and she is currently nine years old. She is in primary two (P2) at Yunus Nkuutu Junior school. 

She stays in Buyanga, a village in Bugweri district, Uganda with her maternal grandmother. Olivia and her elder sisters are under the care of their grandmother because their parents separated. Olivia’s father is in a distant district (Kampala) and her mother went for work outside Uganda. She has two female siblings but only one goes to school and she is the last born among them. 

She loves going to school and English is her  best subject. Olivia is motivated to learning new things every day and it’s what inspires her to wake up early and prepare for school on a daily basis. Her grandmother is a small-scale farmer who grows ground nuts for sale where she gets money for home use. Olivia’s favorite food is Rice and beans and she is proud to be supported by S.O.U.L. foundation.