Nicholas Mukibi

Nicholas was born on May 17, 2004 and is 19 years old. He is currently in Secondary Level Five (S5), studying at Jinja Progressive Secondary School.

Nicholas stays in Buyala, a village in Jinja City. He lives with his father, Yafesi Lusinde and mother, Merida Nakazi. Both his parents are peasant farmers and grow crops for home consumption and for sale at the local market. Nicolas is the eldest of six (6) children and has two (2) sisters and three (3) brothers. Only three of them attend school due to their parents’ limited income.

Nicholas is a humble boy who respects his parents and loves his siblings. He enjoys playing football and spending time outdoors. He wishes to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Teaching. His dream is to become a Teacher when he grows up. Nicholas says he is inspired by his current School Director, who motivates him to be a good teacher!