Antenatal Education

Our outreach classes are aimed at providing knowledge of access to maternal, newborn and child health  information with the aim of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity within our target communities. Over the past 7 years, S.O.U.L has reached out to over 3,800 men and women averaging 470 participants annually.

Village Health Teams (VHTs) are an important resource in the mobilization of communities and dissipation of knowledge. S.O.U.L Foundation collaborates with the VHTs and leverages their ties within the community to broaden the reach of our maternal health programs. We conduct routine VHT trainings to offer insight into issues such as new government health policies. This information is then passed to the rest of the community.

Safe Delivery

We aim to ensure that mothers deliver with dignity. Our strategies include free Ultrasound scans, distribution of birthing kits, and vitamin supplements. With the continuous assistance of our donors and partners; Vitamin Angels (Prenatal Multivitamins), Uganics (anti-malarial soap) and Birthing Kit Foundation of Australia (Birthing Kits), S.O.U.L has been able to provide easy access to fundamental birthing supplies. The distributions are done at our office premises, during Antenatal Education outreaches and through collaborations with local health facilities. More than 10,500 women have benefited directly or indirectly from the distributions and over 3,200 women have received ultrasound scans with our support.

Girl Empowerment

We strive to ensure that girls in local comminutes realize their full potential to become active and engaged members of their communities. We integrate this aspect in all our programs through providing girls with access to education, mentorship and healthcare advise. We create a supportive environment that encourages their growth and development through listening to and addressing their needs. We promote gender equality in our communities of operation to break down barriers that prevent girls from reaching their full potential. We build supportive networks through our mentorship and alumni strategies because offering such support makes them more likely to make healthy decisions and to ultimately succeed in life.