Minati Logose

Minati Logose was born on 28th August, 2004 and she is currently 19 years old. She’s currently enrolled at ST Elizabeth institute of health professionals where she’s pursuing a medical certificate in laboratory techniques.

She stays in Kyabirwa, a village in Jinja City, Uganda and she is the fifth born of eleven (11) children. Her father is a local chairperson in their Village who also serves as the S.O.U.L community outreach coordinator. Her mother on the other hand is a housewife and it’s minati’s father who does his best out of the small income to support the entire family of thirteen (13). 

Minati takes great satisfaction in offering guidance to her fellow peers, firmly believing that her resilience during challenging times can serve as a source of inspiration for them. She aims to positively influence their perspectives on various issues and encourage transformative change in their lives through dedication and hard work. Additionally, she wholeheartedly enjoys participating in lively games with the younger members of the community, deriving immense joy from ensuring their continuous happiness.

Minati’s aspirations in medicine are deeply rooted in her community. With just one year left to complete her medical certificate, she envisions utilizing her skills to enhance the overall health and well-being of her village. Your support can make a lasting impact, empowering Minati to graduate and contribute significantly to her community’s health sector.