Jude Kabaale

Jude Kabaale was born on 5th September, 2004 and he is currently 19 years old. He is pursuing a Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics at Nile Vocational Institute.

He stays in Buwenge, a village in Jinja City, Uganda. Jude has five siblings, three of them are step siblings from when his mother remarried.Jude’s father is a retired pharmacist and currently, farming is his main source of income. His mother is a shopkeeper and also contributes towards Jude’s tuition and personal requirements.

Jude is into athletics and is a strong runner. He has a very outgoing personality and loves to meet new people. He never forgets to greet all S.O.U.L. staff with a big smile on his face each time he comes into the office! Once he becomes a seasoned mechanic, he wishes to help get his siblings back in school and contribute to their tuition.