Joweria Nakiganda

Joweria Nakiganda was born on 30th March, 2003  and is currently 20 years old. She is a second-year student at Kyambogo University, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies. She lives in a hostel in Kampala during the academic term; and enjoys the big city.

Joweria’s life story is one of resilience and determination. After her mother’s death, when she was eight years old, Joweria and her seven siblings were taken care of by different members of their extended family.  Her mother’s brother and his family lovingly took Joweria under his wings to become her local guardian. Her guardians work for a local paper printing company, they also supplement their income by growing some food crops for home consumption. Joweria enjoys going back to Jinja during her term break and spending time with her uncle and family,

Joweria finds comfort and joy in her family, she is a contented young lady and always adjusts depending on the situation at hand. She is also very hardworking, loves reading novels, and has a beautiful voice for singing. She also enjoys trying out new hobbies and currently, she is growing strawberries with the hope that she can sell some good produce in the nearby market.

Joweria and her guardians are very grateful for the support they have from S.O.U.L. and she looks forward to having an individual sponsor. When she graduates from University, she hopes to work for a successful company in Uganda and use her Business Management skills. She also wishes to support her other siblings and help get them through school, and pay the kindness forward!