Ivan Lwembawo

Ivan Lwembawo was born on September 23, 2002 and he is currently 20 years old. He is in Secondary Level Five (S5) at St Noa Mawaggali Secondary School.

Ivan lives in Ivunamba Village, Jinja City, with his parents. He has eleven (11) siblings, nine (9) brothers and two (2) sisters. Two (2) of his siblings were privileged enough to complete their education while the rest are all enrolled in school. His mother is a small-scale farmer while his father is a small-scale businessman.During his time off school, he loves to help his mother with house work. Ivan also enjoys watching movies during his leisure time. He is an avid lover of Ugandan cuisine and loves passion fruit juice! 

Polite and disciplined, Ivan enjoys studying history, entrepreneurship and geography. He hopes to pursue a career in education as a teacher, head-teacher or education officer after completing his academic career.