Hawa Nantege

Hawa Nantege’s journey began with a passion for fashion, leading her to pursue a Certificate in Fashion and Design at the YMCA in Kampala in 2012. She initially worked at SIGMA, a fabric factory in Jinja, before her life took a meaningful turn in 2013. Introduced to S.O.U.L Foundation by her lecturer at YMCA Institute of Business Studies, Hawa seized the opportunity and joined the S.O.U.L Foundation. In her first two years, she adeptly balanced roles as the S.O.U.L Foundation Receptionist and the Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) instructor. 

Currently, Hawa serves as the Fashion Design and Merchandising Lead Instructor at S.O.U.L Foundation. Her responsibilities extend beyond the classroom, encompassing community mobilization, strategic planning and execution of training programs. Her focus lies in empowering young girls and women in the community by equipping them with transformative skills in tailoring, fashion design and business development. Hawa’s dedication to her students goes beyond the classroom, extending to the magical moments of their graduations, where she trains them to deliver captivating performances.

Beyond her professional commitments, Hawa finds solace and joy in her hobbies in music which calms her mind. Hawa has a beautiful singing voice which lends an extra layer of joy during the graduation of her students, making these very memorable events.