Esther Kwagala

Esther Kwagala, born on April 4, 2007, is a determined and compassionate 17-year-old student who is currently in Secondary Level Four (S.4) at Good Heart Secondary School.

Esther’s home is in Buwenda, where she lives with both of her parents and her seven siblings, including two girls and five boys. As the 5th born child in her family, she has faced the harsh reality of financial constraints that have forced some of her elder siblings to drop out of school. Her parents, both peasants, make their livelihood by farming and rearing domestic animals like cows, goats, and pigs. While they may be unemployed in the traditional sense, their hard work in agriculture and animal husbandry provides essential income to support the family. Esther is a remarkable young woman with a strong interest in playing netball during her free time. She is not only dedicated to her studies but also possesses a deep-rooted sense of spirituality, being a God-fearing girl.

Her aspirations are both noble and ambitious. Esther envisions herself as a surgeon, a career path she has chosen to make a meaningful impact on her community. Her desire to become a surgeon is not solely a personal dream but a commitment to helping those in her community who may lack access to adequate medical care. Her dedication to her education and her strong sense of community service make her a role model for others. By sponsoring Esther’s education, you are not only supporting her dreams but also investing in a future surgeon who is eager to provide healthcare and hope to those in need in her community and beyond. Your support will empower her to fulfill her aspirations and positively impact the lives of many.