Student Sponsorship

S.O.U.L. breaks down the cost barriers surrounding education by partnering with children’s families and matching their financial contribution. We’ve found that families who are financially vested in the education of their children become stakeholders in their children’s future.

S.O.U.L. focuses on ensuring girls receive access to education and that students – particularly girls – successfully transition from one level to the next, as this is when students are most likely to drop out. S.O.U.L. recognizes that girls are disproportionately denied access to education, and its model is rooted in building up women and girls whose unrealized potential serves as the principal catalyst for change.

Certified Training

Digital Literacy

S.O.U.L. provides students and community members with access to computer training that helps prepare them for university and job opportunities. We are currently certified by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) which is the leading organization in Uganda whose certificates are recognised by all employers.

Fashion Merchandising

Our tailoring participants graduate with an array of skills that allow them to get jobs, earn income and join the growing fashion industry in Uganda. With the income they earn, many have been able to purchase their own sewing machine, set up successful businesses and see their income rise as much as 300%.

Early Childhood Development

S.O.U.L, in 2011, created an early childhood centre, in Jinja, staffed by three Ugandan Preschool teachers. The program provides a safe childcare environment and an enriching early childhood education curriculum that prepares young children for formal education. The program enrolls an average of 100 students annually and is self-sustainable. In March 2017, a second early childhood education centre was completed in the Bugweri District with a current average annual enrollment of 115 students. Ten (10) students, based on a rigorous selection criteria – 5 from Jinja and 5 from Bugweri, are chosen at the end of an academic year to join the student sponsorship program.