Daniel Moro

Daniel Moro, born on June 24, 2006, is a dedicated and ambitious 18-year-old student currently in Secondary Level Five (S.5) at St. Noa Secondary School. As he approaches the final ordinary level exams, he is determined to achieve excellent grades and fulfill his dreams.

Hailing from Nakibizi, a village in Buikwe district across the Nile, Daniel lives with both his parents and his seven siblings, including five sisters and two brothers. His father is a subsistence farmer, and his mother is involved in selling clothes, making pancakes and mandazi to support the family. Through their hard work and determination, they have been able to make a living and provide for their family. Daniel stands out as an open-minded and eager learner. He takes great pleasure in assisting his parents with domestic chores, reflecting his sense of responsibility and dedication to his family.

Daniel is an avid reader of novels. He aspires to become a pilot after completing his studies, a dream that symbolizes his determination to break through the limitations of his background and reach for the skies. Sponsoring Daniel’s education is not only an investment in his future but also in the future of aviation and the dreams of a young individual who is determined to soar to new heights. Your support will enable him to pursue his aspirations and, in doing so, inspire hope in his community.