Beckham Musasizi

Beckham was born on 28th July, 2006 and is currently 16 years old. He is in Secondary Level Four (S4), studying at Jinja Senior Secondary School.

Beckham lives in Bujagali, a village in Jinja City, Uganda; and stays along with his mother and three brothers. His mother works hard to ensure all her boys go to school by growing crops on their family land, and selling extra produce at the local market. She also takes up informal labor whenever she gets an opportunity to work.

Beckham’s favorite food is rice and fish, and he enjoys learning math and art at school. Beckham lives near the river Nile and in the evenings, he loves taking a swim and kayaking. He also takes the initiative to mentor youth in his community and wishes to lead by example. His dream is to be a mechanic when he grows up and have the ability to fix all the broken down cars he sees!