Andrew Olija

Andrew was born on 22nd June, 2006 and he is currently 16 years old. He is in Secondary Level Three (S3), studying at Jinja Senior Secondary School.

Andrew resides in Kikubamutwe, a village in Jinja district, Uganda. He lives with both his parents and six siblings, four brothers and two sisters. One of his siblings had to unfortunately drop out of school due to lack of family finances, and another due to teenage pregnancy. Both of his parents earn a livelihood as primary school teachers, and to supplement their income, they lease out some of their land to grow food crops.

Andrew enjoys playing the piano and plays for his church choir. His favorite food is rice with meat, and some of the rice that his family consumes grows on their land. During his free time, Andrew loves playing football and watching movies. He also enjoys learning new skills and off late, he is learning to sew and mow the lawn!

Andrew is generally an all round person who maximizes any opportunity that comes his way, most especially his education. He is excited to have a sponsor take him through his education journey and help him achieve his dreams.