Akiram Musubo

Akiram Musubo was born on 5th September 2009 and is currently 14 years old. He is in Senior Level Two (S2), studying at Jinja Progressive Secondary School.

Akiram resides in Buwoya, a village in Iganga District, in Eastern Uganda. He lives along with his father, Musa Musoba, and 13 other siblings, six sisters and seven brothers. Akiram’s father is a small-scale peasant farmer, who grows food crops such as maize, beans and groundnuts for both home consumption and for sale. His parents separated when he was young and hence it is his father who helps meet the needs of the family.

Being a large family and with limited household income, only Akiram and six of his other siblings are able to attend school. Akiram would love a sponsor to help him get through his educational journey. 

 Akiram’s hobbies include playing football, listening to music, singing, and discovering different music producers. Musubo excels in his Arts subjects, and his passion for music is what he wants to pursue as he aspires to be a music producer and join the Ugandan music industry in the future!