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Kyabirwa Village, Jinja City, Uganda

Namiyangu Village, Bugweri District, Uganda

Unlocking Human Potential

Since our inception in 2009, the S.O.U.L. Foundation is committed to “Supporting Opportunities for Ugandans to Learn,” so that they can utilize the breadth and depth of their skills and abilities, alongside ensuring that EVERY girl, has the right to a healthy and educated future such that, as a woman, if she chooses to have a baby, she experiences a safe and dignified birth, with a positive outcome…

Our Motto





We partner with parents and over 40 Ugandan public and private schools to make education possible for students who would otherwise not have access. To date, over 700 students from the primary to the university level have been sponsored.


We are certified as a formal training center by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT). Our skills training in fashion merchandising and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) are designed to make our students competitive in their job search.


We offer a safe child care environment and an enriching, quality early childhood education curriculum that prepares young children for a formal academic career and a vision for their future that promises to maximize their potential.


Our Maternal Health Network (MHN) takes an innovative, holistic approach towards a community support group that spans generations and provides correct information to expectant mothers as we strive to reduce maternal and infant mortality as well as eliminate new HIV infections.


We work with a network of public and private health care providers to ensure mothers deliver safely and with dignity. We support the provision of free ultrasound scans, distribute birthing kits as well as vitamin supplements to expectant mothers towards a healthy delivery.


We engage in a community led approach to break down barriers and community norms that prevent girls from reaching their full potential. Our innovative mentoring and alumni network helps girls build supports for one another to make healthy decisions for a successful future.